• Julia Bryant

5 things a wedding planner does that you might not know about.

When people think about the job of a wedding planner, they often picture working from home, browsing pinterest all day, and "Only working on weekends." Well friends, if that is what you thought too then this is definitely the post for you.

1. Review vendor contracts

If you're the person who clicks "agree to all terms" when signing up for things then having a professional planner or coordinator may be right for you. Wedding planners know where to look and what to ask to ensure your contract protects not you for not only what you're paying, but also ensuring that your big day has all those details you have agreed on. Sure you can maybe get a refund if something goes wrong but you cant re-do your special day.

2. "Price Hunting"

While I don't typically love the term "price hunting" because you shouldn't go with a vendor just because they are the cheapest option, your wedding planner is doing something similar. Wedding planners have worked with vendors before so they've already vetted many wedding pros and can tell you which vendor can do what your asking, in the budget you're setting. Just because florist XYZ says they can do your whole wedding for $250 doesn't mean you're actually getting what you're expecting.

3. Helps you create your budget

One of the hardest parts of planning your wedding solo is ensuring you appropriately set your budget and stick to it. It can be hard when it appears the only option is to spend hundreds more in one area of your wedding than you originally planned. Wedding planners help you create a budget according to your needs and priority's using tools that we have purchased or created that ensure your budget is seamless.

4. Continued education

Its true, anyone can become a wedding planner these days, so how do you sort out the good ones? A good planner doesn't have to be certified, but they should be continuing there education. As a certified TBS planner, I take courses monthly and do frequent zoom calls with other planners to continue to learn more about the industry and ensure I am being the best planner I can possibly be. The wedding world is constantly changing and if your wedding planner isn't continuing there education, then they are likely missing out on important new trends, standards and practices that could be helping you have a better wedding day.

5. We don't "only work on weekends"

Wedding planners work day in and day out planning your wedding. During the week we spend countless hours searching for the perfect venue and vendors, meeting with other vendors and planners, creating your timeline, budget and design, and so much more. A perfect wedding isn't created overnight and it certainly isn't created in just a weekend either.

I hope you've found new insight on just a few things that wedding planners do in there crazy schedules. Please share this with a bride to be, a "they only work weekends" person or simply anyone who needs to here it. Have a blessed day and happy planning.

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